Here is what our members have told us about Dynamix:

"I enjoy it and seeing my mates, talking with everyone, interacting with everyone."    HS

"It's awesome. Sports, computer games, breakfast."    BL

"Meeting new people, making friends. All the activities are great."    PS

"I love going to dynamix because I have friends there and we do sports and baking."    MS

"I like field trips and making things with chocolate."    SP

“Darts, breakfasts, lots of friends, sports.”    OA

... and this is what parents have to say...

"My son attends Dynamix every week, he loves it and so do I because I know he can be himself and he is safe and he is also happy there, he has friends that he meets and looks forward to new things every week. He has tried lots of other clubs... but this is the only one he has wanted to continue and has properly enjoyed"    MS

"He's doing really well and getting a bit of independence at the same time. Other than school, this is the only time without us, and he loves it."    MA

"He really enjoys it, he loves it. It makes him a bit freer, instead of being inside, watching TV. He likes interacting with all the other kids."    TT

"It's a safe, sociable, fun group to come to. I feel comfortable when she's here. I like that she can dip in and out. There's nothing else much available, particularly as they get beyond 19."    JW

"He likes coming. He asks about it during the week. He talks to me about taking him and knows his friends here."    GG

Want to tell other families about your experience at Dynamix? Then contact us, message us on facebook, call us or email us, we'd love to hear from you.

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